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25 March 2028 @ 10:34 pm
Reopening up. Reaccepting friends now :)
Not all entries are f-locked. So it's really up to you if you'd like to add me~
Common fandom would be a huge plus. Also, if you don't take business too seriously, I'm all good.

Fandoms : ~~ ONE DAY ~~ , Big Bang, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Shinee, Super Junior.
If we have similar taste, then Key approves 8D
24 January 2010 @ 12:34 am
All those things you read in Omonatheydidnt about me & 2OD.. I won't say its untrue. But clearly, they did lotsa omission of the words they uttered on their part. I don't see what's so wrong about me trying to protect my own forum, a forum hundreds of people put effort into. I emailed them on the 21st, fucking polite, asking them to remove ALL of our posts. But I mentioned, if they couldn't (cos obviously that would be fucking impossible and stupid to ask for .__.) I asked for the past 3 months. I don't think it would be alot, since they source from kbites, as well as akp and 2pmonline.

So they replied me saying "We dont control the mind of our members and if some are stupid enough to blame you for the news then that's just laughable. Sure it might hurt but what do their opinions matter in the end?"

So I then replied saying "No, I get this. Some are just simply uneducated enough to be aware that its not our site making things up. And I ain't gonna control the freedom of speech that your members should have." Clearly, I said SOME, specifically those who bash on 2OD, despite seeing there's sources credited. I never mentioned the whole of OMNTD, so I don't get the hate? So I said I can control where my translations go, so to minimize the hate.

And this is what they replied me.

I'm sorry but do you realize what you just said? "What I can control though, is where my translations go. " This is actually an impossibility. You don't control the internet. You most definitely don't control OmonaTheyDidnt. Our/your members are not breaking the rules by sharing and properly sourcing. Simply that some people have made not nice comments isn't enough reason for us to yank the translations. "Clearly, they do not have the selfcensorship to not click on articles that they don't wish to read, so I'll do it for them." I'm sorry but how are you going to censor our members? You don't click the accept/reject button at omona. We were sympathetic to you until you started acting like the internet police.

The only people who will ultimatley decide what is posted at omona are the mods and the members.

-P.S You're welcome for the free publicity that 30,000 different viewers daily at omona brings to your forum when our (& your) members credit and share your translations.

I never started the whole 30k viewers issue, which they so clearly failed to mention.

No, you clearly got me wrong there. I said, I can control where my translations go, and I will try my best to do it. But if it still ends up at OMNTD, then there's really nothing I can do about it, right? I don't remember saying I will blow up a bitch if it still ends up there. Sure, they're not breaking the rules now, because they're allowed to take it out but once we decide and make a proper announcement that they can't take it out to OMNTD, then that would count as breaking the rules. "I'm sorry but how are you going to censor our members?" Censor in the sense that if they don't have the article to begin with, they won't be able to bash us or accuse us anyhow they'd like.

Look, we aren't singling out your community. You aren't aware of the other communities we've approached, so its pretty unfair to make a judgement, no? And we aren't out here to create bad blood. We wanted to settle this amicably, and up till last night when I saw the post announcement on your community, I was about to suggest a different approach towards this ban

It's still up to you whether you'd like to negotiate this for a slightly different ban, or a total ban of my articles on your site. Like I said, I can pass on my rules, but if someone refuses to listen, then there's nothing I can do, right?

Oh, by the way.. Congrats on getting 30,000 different viewers on your community because of our translations.

I was waiting for a reply. I was going to suggest that normal articles could still be posted, but controversial ones like boycott and Jay's comeback issues shouldn't be. But nope, they didn't reply and went ahead to make an announcement.

I'm not going to post up an announcement at 2OD because clearly this was an issue between me (cos I emailed them) and the community. I hope people seriously don't think 2OD as creating trouble, so the first email I sent was short, non-personal and straight to the point.

1. We clearly don't get the 30k free publicity, because not all members on OMNTD are 2AM/2PM fans, so the statement they send me isn't legit. And it's the same for the statement I replied. I don't, for once, fucking believe in the fact that 2OD's translations alone, can bring in 30k viewers for them - it's just being in the same tone she used against me.

Dude, I like OMNTD. I read their comments all the time, I save their macros cos they're a bunch of fucking hilarious people. Fuck, I'm even a member there. It's not like I have this undying hatred for them. All I want to do is protect the reputation (or what's left of it, clearly) and the feelings of my members.

IDGI ugh. Screened comments.
01 November 2009 @ 09:44 pm
I know this is probably the worst time to say this and stuff.. But I shall say it anyway. He managed to ship the boy off in 4 days, when we were sure nothing like this would happen. We were taken back, hearts torn and broken. If he managed to ship the boy off in 4 days, he could always bring him back in 4 days. All I'm saying is, during the darkest hours is when our hopes should shine the brightest. If you can't count on the world to lead you to your destination, then you've gotta count on yourself. If the sun won't shine, then so be it. Make it so that YOU WILL SHINE, and you will fight till you're reunited with the sun.

The light at the end of the tunnel might not come even after months of fighting a tiring battle.. But no one stays in a dark tunnel forever. The light will come, you just gotta keep believing. I know I will ♥

23 October 2009 @ 11:40 pm
So I finally decided to watch Iris, and since I'm sucha sucker for good, quality subs, I decided to download the raw and watch it with WITHS2 subs (something that I rarely do). And now, after 62 minutes of watching the first Iris episode, I need moar, like now! Things is, I do not like the Vikii subs, because there's spazzes and all, and I hate the font (nothing personal, it's just me and my individual self), and it's not utterly HQ. And I'm pretty sure WITHS2 subs do not come out that quickly afterall, which is why there's other subbing teams. But but but but I do wanna continue watching it now, cos it's like OMG EPIC. And when I say a drama is good, I'm pretty sure it is by other people's standard too because I can never finish a drama completely but I'm pretty sure I'll end up finishing this drama. (Although it is a little too early to say)

I might just -cringe- go to Mysoju and watch it on Vikii. And compromise my own personal preferences cos the drama is just skdjfkjhg good. I'm wiki-ing up Byung Hun and OMG he speaks English? And he was on GI Joe? :O Okay, a good reason to do watch the movie afterall. *O*
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23 October 2009 @ 04:01 pm
Oh by the way... I am pretty sure Jay's part won't be included in the upcoming album. I'm sure I'm gonna listen to it once, then replay all the songs 2PM has brought to me, that included ALL 7 of them :) Not going to buy the album if his voice is not there.